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Doctrine Cards – Battles in the Loire Bundle

Doctrine Cards – Battles in the Loire Bundle

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Are you fielding a Republican French force, or do you like the cornflower blue of the Bavarian Faction, then this is the Doctrine Card bundle for you. This bundle include two new Doctrine Cards and two complimentary miniatures from our Garde Mobile set.

Boost your Bavarians with their “Stolz zu dienen” Doctrine Card with special abilities like “Militärarzt” giving you the possibility to heal on-table units. Or play as Republican French, and use the ability “Give them Hell” unleashing a double fire action from your Mitrailleuse guns. This product is an add-on to the Eagles of Empire rulebooks, and for use with our skirmish gaming system. For more information on Doctrine Cards, jump over to our YouTube Channel for how-to videos and guides.

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