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General Von der Tann & Tactical Activation Board

General Von der Tann & Tactical Activation Board

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This set includes a hand-sculpted metal miniature of General Von der Tann, the dashing Bavarian cavalary general, tasked with defeating the army of the Loire, and his full color Tactical Activation Board.

Generals are a new tactical addition to the EoE rules. They can be played as part of your campaign or in a single non-campaign skirmish game.

Generals are an off board unit, which will give you more tactical abilities and help your troops to get the upper hand by use of their generals inspiring unique skills. Each general is an actual historical character from the Franco-Prussian War, and their respective unique skills reflects who they were historically.

Each boxed general set comes with a beautifully sculpted miniature, a full color tactical board including three standard abilities available to all generals, and a single unique skill only accessible to this particular General, setting them apart tactically.

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