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Regiment de Marche -  set of 2 squads

Regiment de Marche - set of 2 squads

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This set includes 16 hand-sculpted metal miniatures and 2 Unit Cards for playing with the Eagles of Empire skirmish rules.

Gamer's Note: 
Attach heroes or veterans to your units to boost their combat abilities.


Historical Background:
Regiment de Marche was the standard French infantry of the later Republican Phase of the Franco-Prussian War. The Battle of Sedan saw the end of the Second French Empire, with the broken Napoleon III riding into exile and captivity. In the vacuum of the collapsed empire, the Third Republic was proclaimed; its first action was to formally declare war on the German Coalition - again. As a slowly starving Paris was in all effects cut off and under siege by the German Coalition’s armies, the new government was based at Tours in the Loire Valley. In all haste the work began to form a new Republican Army in the Loire.

The backbone was made from the fragments of old Imperial units that had managed to escape the catastrophe at Sedan and Metz. These units then got topped up with freshly mustered reservists, forming the so-called Régiment de marche. Needless to say, these units lacked the coherent discipline and experience of their adversaries. However, they still had the formidable Chassepot rifle, and with the inspiration of the occasional veteran or under guidance of an experienced officer, they could still put up a decent fight.

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