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The Army of the Loire - Campaign Book

The Army of the Loire - Campaign Book

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This new Scenario Book including 12 historical scenarios will offer a chronological journey through the epic battles of the autumn and winter of 1870-71, fought to save Paris during the Republican Phase of the Franco-Prussian War. You and the mates will get to replay all the famous battles. You’ll be rolling dice from Orleans to Le Mans, while the scenario book will be setting you up with inspiring historical background, challenging scenarios depicted on beautifully illustrated maps, and always with an accompanying post battle analysis and reflection on the historical outcome vs. the game just played, for a full allround experience of the history behind your wargames. The built-in point system, Campaign Glory, delivers a clever way to replay the campaign by switching sides, and compete against a previous score.


The Book as well as the scenario maps are all in full color, printed on thick quality paper.

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