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Austrian German Line Infantry

Austrian German Line Infantry

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This set includes 16 miniatures, with 3 of them being command poses. 
You'll effectively get two squads of Austrian Line infantry, along with their Unit Cards incl. stats for using the unit in the EoE Skirmish gaming system.

Armed with the very reliable Lorenz rifle, the Austrian infantry marched onto the battlefield at Königgrätz in massed columns, which proved so effective during the Napoleonic era. However, in 1866 that was half a cen- tury ago, and even with their white tunics replaced by the grey campaign greatcoat, their dense columns still represented a formidable target for the fast-firing Prussians, now equipped with their ground-breaking breach loading Needleguns and formed up in tactically innovative open attack formations. It became a costly encounter for the Austrians.

The Austrian Line Infantry was made up of recruits from across their vast Empire, and thus the need for a common language of command arose, and that language was German, spoken in the heart regions of the Empire - old Austria. When under the leadership of an experienced officer, the Austrian infantry proved to have both bite and grit, but without the uniting effect of the officer they lacked direction and punch. Thus this unit comes with the Special Ability “Ably Led” giving them an additional Attack Dice if they have an officer attached.

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