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Austrian Hungarian Line Infantry

Austrian Hungarian Line Infantry

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This set includes 16 miniatures charging, whereof 3 are command. You'll get two effect squads and their apropriate Unit Cards incl. stats for using the units in the EoE Skirmish Gaming System. 

The Habsburg Empire of 1866 counted a number of Slavic states and subcultures; from which lands the “Hungarian” regiments were recruited. Even though the language of command was German, these regiments spoke Czech, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Slovakian, Serbian and many others. These were fierce and brave soldiers, often drafted from the lower classes of society, as the higher classes would simply buy their way out of the conscription regime.

Even though they were armed with the formidable Lorenz muzzle-loa- ding rifle, they sadly lacked sufficient firing practise, and in many cases came onto the battlefields of 1866 with a severe lack of aim or firing discipline. Attaching experienced officers could alleviate the problem somewhat, but these troops were in all aspects but bravery, as inferior foe compared to the drilled core of the Prussian army.

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