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Austrian Hussars - Charging

Austrian Hussars - Charging

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This set contains 6 dashing Austrian Hussars  incl. command charging with sabres drawn. Besides the miniatures you'll also get the Unit Card including stats and special abilities for using the unit with the EoE Skirmish Gaming System.

The very foundation of the Hussars cavalry tradition has its roots in the eastern part of the Habsburg lands of 1866, and thus holds a spe- cial place in the cavalry arm of the Imperial army. Even though these were light cavalry, ideal for reconnaissance and scouting missions, the Hussars of the Habsburg army was formidable cavalrymen, with a capacity to act as highly deadly and efficient shock troops, wherever needed on the battlefield and off it.

Most units were equipped with the standard light cavalry sabre and Lorenz percussion pistols, but in 1866 some regiments had received a weapons upgrade in the form of the “Extracorps Geweher”, a rifle type mostly often used by pioneers, but applied here to boost the firing capacity of the Hussars. Look to the Veterans Upgrade Cards if you feel that your unit of Hussars needs some additional firepower for your next game of EoE!

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