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Austrian Jägers

Austrian Jägers

SKU: 0093
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This set contains 16 expert Austrian Jägers incl. 3 command poses.
The set comes complete with 2 Unit Cards incl. stats and special abilities for using the unit in the EoE Skirmish gaming system. 

Armed with the shortened down “Jägerstutzen” version of the Lorenz rifle, these men were expert sharpshooters, and the formidable elite core of the Habsburg infantry in 1866. With the word “Jäger” actually meaning hun- ter in German, it was perhaps fitting that these troops wore hats adorned with their unique hallmark, the blackish-green cock feathers.

With their superior firepower and ability to find cover in most types of terrain, the Jägers of the Imperial Habsburg army offers you the perfect combination of offensive reach and defensive staying power on the gaming table.

Find a tactically strong position, which allows the Jägers to utilise their superior firepower and ability to turn light cover into hard cover, and you’ll have the perfect storm brewing for your opponent. Further, adding an officer to the Jägers will even give them a additional 1d6 extra punch in Hand-to-Hand, enabling you to use them as elite shock troops for securing those decisive Tactical Objectives.

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