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Bavarian Late War Infantry - set of 2 squads

Bavarian Late War Infantry - set of 2 squads

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This set includes 16 hand-sculpted metal miniatures and 2 Unit Cards for playing with the Eagles of Empire skirmish rules.

Gamer's Note: 
Attach heroes or veterans to your units to boost their combat abilities.


Historical Background:

With Paris besieged the 1st Bavarian Army Corps and 22nd Prussian Division were detached and put under the command of the Bavarian nobleman and officer of heroic repute, General von der Tann, and ordered south to deal with the newly formed Republican French Army in the Loire.

The ensuing campaign would pitch the now battle-hardened cornflower blue soldiers in a series of bitterly fought battles across the Loire valley, from Orleans to Le Mans. Von der Tann’s force of some 20.000 men would often find themselves heavily outnumbered and fighting the French in abysmal weather conditions, with the Bavarians pulling through on the backbone of their superior discipline and firm leadership.

After a series of initial Bavarian successes things however stalled, as the French General Chanzy proved a worthy adversary to Von der Tann. The German High Command finally had to invest the total strength of the Second Army, some 70.000 men, to break Chanzy and his infamous Army of the Loire, at the epic battle of Le Mans.

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