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La Hitte 4pdr field gun with crew of 4

La Hitte 4pdr field gun with crew of 4

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This set includes the French systéme La Hitte, 4 pdr muzzle-loading field gun with crew of 4, and the appropriate Unit Card with stats for use with the Eagles of Empire Skirmish rules. This army standard filed piece was developed in the 1850ies by Count de La Hitte, and sported a specially designed shell with lugs, that when fired would follow a set of rifled grooves inside the gun barrel, offering a more precise trajectory. 
The system was first used during the Franco-Austrian War in 1859 with success, but by the time of the Franco-Prussian War, the German-made and breach-loading Krupp gun would outrange, outgun and suppress the French artillery battle after battle.
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