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Mitrailleuse with crew of 4

Mitrailleuse with crew of 4

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The infamous French Mitrailleuse struck fear into the heart of all German soldiers. Developed by the experienced artillery General Reffye and integrated into the French army under great secrecy, this supposed ace up the sleeve was rarely used properly. Often deployed at the back along with the regular artillery, this early pseudo-machine gun seldom got to use its full destructive potential against massed infantry. Now, it's time to change this. French players, this is your weapon of mass destruction!!
This set comes with a mitrailleuse, crew of four, a bunch of stacked rifles and backpacks for a diorama feeling, and of course a Eagles of Empire unit card, with this units destructive abilities listed for use with the Eagles of Empire Skirmish Rules. Load up, and led it fly!   

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