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Veterans - Unit Upgrade Deck

Veterans - Unit Upgrade Deck

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This deck includes 8 full color Veterans cards. 2 Prussian, 2 Bavarian, 3 French and 1 Neutral which can be used by all factions. 


Do your Line infantry squads need more punch? Do you need a medic to heal wounds in the unit, or how about a sniper to take our enemy officers? Why not attach a VETERAN and give your Unit Card an upgrade on its stats! As a part of the Stretch Goals for this Kickstarter, we’re launching these 8 full colour VETERAN’S cards, which will give you a variety of new unique abilities boosting your troops performance, while offering an extra layer of tactical depth to your gaming experience. Each VETERAN’S card is the same size and quality as our Unit Cards, so they’ll fit nicely into your collection and look visually appealing when displayed at the gaming table.


Veterans are old grunts seasoned by earlier campaigns and battles, now recruitable to add inspiration and help your men fight better. In the Eagles of Empire rules system each unit has a corresponding unit card, with a set of standard stats covering everything from movement rate to the number of defense dice this particular unit rolls to save. Veterans are Unit Upgrade cards, attachable to the standard Unit Cards, and will grant your basic units stats a variety of improvement.


You can attach a Veteran to a unit during the Recruitment Phase of a turn. Simply pay the appropriate cost of Command Points, typically 1CP, and add the Veteran to an eligible unit also recruited this round. Note; Some General and heroes can grant you the ability to add Veterans to on-table units. 

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